Epoxy Grout vs. Sanded Grout

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Epoxy grout is among the 3 common materials used to grout. Grout is the visible white or grey material that seals the space between the floor and wall tiles. Some grout is water resistant, other types are porous. Consider the following fundamental differences between epoxy and sanded grout before selecting which type is best for you.

Epoxy Grout

This type of grout is made from epoxy resin. There is also a filler powder that is combined with the resin. This combination makes the grout hard and durable. Epoxy is great for use in high traffic areas because it resists all sorts of stains. While this type of grout has so many different benefits, it is really difficult to install in between tiles and it is hard to apply where there is a slope in the ground.

Sanded Grout

This product is frequently used in home tile installation. It is used when the gap between the adjacent tiles is at least 1/16-inched. Sanded grout is made with a mixture of sand. Because of the sand, it adds much more strength to the grout line and the tile when applied. It is easy to install and comes in a variety of colors.