Espalier Fruit Trees: 3+ Types

Growing espalier fruit trees works well when you have limited space but also want to enjoy fresh food and aesthetically pleasing trees. Growing espalier fruit trees is a fun task that requires some time, but the effort is well worth the taste of fresh fruit. Some types of fruit trees work much better than others, so it’s best to research and plan what will work for you. Here are several types of espalier fruit trees.


The most common type of espalier fruit tree is the apple. There are hundreds of types of apples, so be picky when choosing one for your yard. You want to pick one that will thrive in your climate. The most common and best to grow are the McIntosh, Dorsett Golden and Newton Pippen.


Pear espalier trees are another common choice and will bear lots of fruit if trained well. An established pear espalier takes a little more effort to train and maintain.


Figs are a great choice for espalier because they grow and train well. They are a little hardier than most other choices.

Other Fruit Trees

There are many other types of fruit trees that may or may not work well where you live. Some others you might want to try include orange, lemon, peach and apricot.

Some of the more challenging types to grow or maintain are the cherry tree and the plum tree. These will yield fruit but can be messy and harder to train.