Essential Ceramic Floor Tile Removal Tools

There are several different tools you can use to effectively tackle the job of floor tile removal. Some are power tools while others are manually operated. Selecting the right tool for the job depends on a number of factors such as the square footage and size of the tile you’re removing.

Power Tile Removal Tools

The first step in ceramic floor tile removal is to remove the grout lines. One of the best power tools to use in floor tile removal is a 4 inch hand-held grinder. These tools offer the power remove grout quickly while still providing the control to avoid collateral damage. They are especially useful for large areas and smaller tiles that produce more grout lines. One major drawback is the amount of dust that these tools create.

Manually Operated Tile Removal Tools

The most recognizable manual floor tile removal tool would have to be the grout saw. These simple tools consist of an ergonomic handle attached to a coarse blade for grinding down grout lines. They’re ideal for small areas since they produce a minimal amount of dust. In addition to the grout saw, you’ll need to make sure you have a hammer and a pry-bar in your tool chest to remove the floor tiles.