Estimate the Cost of Adding a Driveway Apron

What You'll Need
Calculator or computer
Paper and Pencil
Writing Paper
Measurement Tape

In order to estimate the cost of adding a driveway apron, it's important to understand a bit of math and have some measurement skills to have the prerequisites needed to estimate the cost of adding a driveway apron.

Step 1 - Measure

You are going to need to know how many square feet of driveway apron you will want. You have to be thorough in your estimate of the total square feet, because the materials are not cheap. So measure every part you will want to make a part of the apron, the walkups, the out parcels, the sub drives, and all the thresholds. Use the measuring tape and take the time to accurately measure and draw it out on the paper. Consider the type of surface you want, most use concrete, with asphalt on top, and then maybe a sealer layer. Chose the materials you want to use.

Step 2 – Calculate Square Feet

Take the drawing inside and calculate how many square feet you have of land to cover using the calculator, or a computer worksheet program.

Step 3 – Calculate the Cost

Obtain the prices from various vendors for the materials you want to use in square feet of coverage. Choose your materials and the associated cost therewith. Multiply the total square feet of material you will need by the cost of the material layers by square foot.