Estimate the Cost of Replacing a Basement Window

  • Intermediate

There are a few basic things to consider when estimating replacing basement window costs. Having windows in your basement serve many purposes, including light and ventilation, and also providing an escape route in emergencies. You may need to replace these windows periodically to keep these beneficial effects intact.

Cost of Glass

The cost of the glass for your replacement windows will depend on the choices you make. The number of panes in the glass, the weather resistance, and the type of glass will all affect this price.

Cost of New Trim

When replacing the glass in your basement windows, you must factor in that you will also need to replace the trim. The cost of your new trim will vary based on the materials you choose, and the methods of installation you use.

Cost of Labor

If you cannot replace the window and trim yourself you will have to factor in the cost of labor for each window. This cost will vary based on the accessibility of the window and the difficulty of the install. Generally speaking and to include the cost of glass, trim, and labor your replacement windows will cost anywhere from $200 to $600.