Estimating Deck Awning Costs

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If you are planning to install deck awnings to extend your living room outdoors, it is necessary to know the estimated costs. Deck awnings are very useful as they guard you from the sun and can be extended according to your needs. There are different types of deck awnings like retractable, fixed, small, and large deck awnings.

Retractable Deck Awnings

Retractable deck awnings help in reducing the exposure of sunlight on the deck. These awnings can increase the life of your deck. Retractable awnings can be used during the day and detached in the night to prevent weather damage. Most of the awnings are made from synthetic fabrics with metal being one of the best options.

Retractable awnings are available in kits and typically made up of wood, aluminum, and vinyl. You can assemble the retractable deck awning by using components that help in building it up like panels, beam, vinyl bracket, end caps, hardware, and support posts.

Lateral arm deck awnings can be easily installed and can be operated by a hand crank or a suitable electric motor. The price of retractable awnings may vary depending on the materials used to manufacture them. If you wish to buy an aluminum retractable awning kit it will cost you approximately $15 per foot and up. If you plan to install remote-controlled retractable awnings, you might have to spend around $800. Manual retractable awnings will cost approximately $600.

Fixed Deck Awnings

You can also look for fixed deck awnings if you do not wish to install flexible retractable awnings. Fixed deck awnings are available in different forms like aluminum deck awnings and metal deck awnings. Fixed awnings are ideal for home and business. They are easy to install and assemble. You can install fixed awnings in an hour using an electric drill, level, ladder, and wrenches.

Fixed awning costs vary according to the material of the fixed awning and also according to the types you prefer like the motorized or manual fixed awning. The approximate costs of fixed awnings range from $200 to $1,000. Fixed awnings are useful and also last for a longer time depending on their material.

Small and Large Deck Awnings

Deck awnings are available in small and large sizes. You can go for a small retractable or fixed deck awning if you do not wish to extend your living room area. Large deck awnings in fixed and retractable designs can also be bought at affordable prices. Larger ones can help provide extra protection from sunlight.

Deck awnings are helpful and easily available in DIY kits for you to assemble them easily. The cost varies depending on the materials you choose, the design, and the features that you opt for.