Estimating Exterior Basement Waterproofing Cost

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A big headache for homeowners is when an estimate of the basement waterproofing cost needs to be determined because damages caused by various water-related incidences have occurred on the basement area. The damage can include water accumulation in the basement due to poor drainage and leaks in the walls. The repair to these damages is to waterproof the basement area.

Cost of waterproofing can get expensive and complicated, which why you must determine a cost estimate. There are various evaluations that need to be completed on the areas affected as well as other factors contributing to the damage. The first step to do is to determine the water problem in the area that is causing the problem.

Basement Water Damage

One problem is when moisture starts to build-up in the basement because of condensation, seepage, and leaks. Poor ventilation in the area can result in the dampening of the walls and pipes within the basement. Poor drainage is another culprit.

An effect of heavy rains is standing water or formation of puddles that could cause the floors and foundation walls to crack. Each of these damages has concrete structural solutions. Costing for each repair differs depending on the severity of the damage.

Repairs and Cost for Basement Water Damage

Heat and air conditioning may ease the problem of condensation wrought by poor ventilation. The water pipes should be properly insulated. There should be a heavy-duty dehumidifier running in the area to lessen the dampness. The cost for insulating the pipes and purchasing a quality dehumidifier could run from $50 to $300. If there is heating and air conditioning work to be done to the area, the cost will definitely increase.

For damage involving inadequate water drainage, waterproofing may not be necessary. The fix could be quite simple. Inspect the gutters and downspouts to ensure that they are kept free of any items that could cause clogging. The ground should also slope away from the foundation of the house. The cost for the repair of the gutter would be over $200. The cost will increase if the foundation slope needs more rock or dirt refill.

Repairs to leaks must be handled by a professional, especially if you are waterproofing the basement because it is a complicated procedure. The cost for minor leak repairs and sealants is about $350. Installing drains and sump pumps for drainage purposes could cost $1000 to $2500. For more serious problems that require extensive outdoor drainage systems, as well as foundation repairs, the cost could be $2500 to $12000.