Estimating the Cost of a Rooftop Garden

A rooftop garden enhances the appearance of your roof while simultaneously increasing the lifespan of a conventional roof setup. Green roof construction converts what may have been wasted space into a beautiful and tranquil part of the building. Although installing rooftop garden plants and setups tends to be more expensive than a traditional roof design, there are many ways that you can reduce the cost of a green roof.

Average Cost to Install a Rooftop Garden

Typically, expect to spend 25% to 30% more to install a green roof than to install a traditional roof. Usually, green roof setups cost at least $30 per square foot, while elaborate setups may cost as much as $200 per square foot. For a specific estimate for your building and city, speak with a home improvement specialist or professional landscaper.

The key to setting up a cost-effective rooftop garden lies in the preparation you make, the materials you use and how well you maintain the garden itself. Properly maintained gardens may improve the lifespan of a conventional roof by up to 20 years. Understanding the ways that you can reduce the cost of your rooftop garden will help you to better estimate the installation and maintenance costs.

Reducing and Estimating Installation Costs

Generally, it is cheapest to build a green roof when the building is in need of roof repairs or replacement. This allows for any structural updates or modifications to be made alongside the replacement procedure. When designing a garden setup for your roof, be sure to make proper adjustments for irrigation, drainage and additional roof access points, if necessary. As you estimate the total cost of installation of your rooftop garden, be sure to include the cost of structural assessments, plumbers and other contract work that will be necessary.

Reduce the costs of your rooftop garden by keeping the design simple. Small sections of plants and straightforward layouts are cheaper than large sections or designs that are difficult to irrigate.

The types of plants that you include in your rooftop garden will also affect the cost. In a big city, certain types of plants may be rare and expensive. Stick with local plants if possible, and consider growing plants in your rooftop garden from seeds.

When estimating the cost of installing a garden on your roof, consider all of the necessary building updates, the specialty plumbing work required as well as the cost of materials and labor. Carefully consider whether you may reduce your costs by eliminating elaborate designs and extra installation fees.

Rooftop gardens may reduce the cost of heating a building by helping to regulate indoor temperature. This may be a consideration while you are evaluating the costs of building and maintaining a garden. With proper preparation, you may install a beautiful garden on your rooftop that enhances the aesthetic of the building without bankrupting your budget.