Estimating the Cost of an Outdoor Sauna

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  • 24-40 hours
  • Advanced
  • 2,000-8,000
What You'll Need
Rubber gloves
Eye Protection

Installing an outdoor sauna with the help of professionals will cost you a fortune. You can also build a sauna room on your own. However, an intrinsic part of sauna installation is the collection of the various articles that are required for the process. Knowledge about the required materials will help you to understand the overall cost of the outdoor sauna.

Buy materials such as nails from a local supplies store. Articles like a hammer and rubber gloves are usually available in each and every household. Borrow them from your neighbors, if you do not have them. A garden saw is also usually available in the backyard. A ladder will also be required for the actual installation process. Buy accessories like a hook for hanging your clothes or dressing robe, from a local store. Use an old desk for sitting. This will further help to reduce costs. A drilling machine is needed to screw the nails in the holes. You can obtain the drilling machine on rent.

Consider Alternatives to Lower Your Expenses

The size of the sauna affects the overall price of the sauna room. Reduce the size depending upon the number of people that will be accommodated in the sauna. Select timber for building an outdoor sauna room. It can contract and expand depending on the varying heat fluctuations. Timber also prevents the onset of moisture. Buy timber from a wood supplier at a wholesale rate. The prices of timber will vary from market to market. Compare the various prices before arriving at a purchase decision. You can also opt for Cedar for its mold-free characteristic. Cheaper alternatives to timber can also be used to considerably reduce the prices.


Select the design of the sauna room beforehand. Browse through various magazines to select the design instead of hiring the services of a designer.


Appropriate lighting is necessary to highlight the interiors of the room. Install the lights below the benches. This technique is inexpensive and hassle-free. Use the light bulbs or tubes available at home, instead of purchasing new lighting equipment.

Sauna Stove or Heater

Purchase a sauna stove or heater from a reputed electrical appliance store. Select an efficient model to avoid any future additional repairs. The sauna stove will cost you around $700.

Self-Assembly Sauna Kit

You can also purchase a self-assembly sauna equipment from the market. The sauna kit will cost you around $5,000 to $7,000.