Estimating the Cost of Converting a Carport into a Garage


If you are looking to turn your carport into a garage, a cost estimation is in order. It could potentially be an expensive job. However, knowing what costs are involved can prepare you for the budgeting and eventual purchase of the materials.

Estimating the Cost

If the concrete foundation is already in place, converting your carport to a garage will be less expensive. The biggest cost factors will be the lumber for framing the walls and roof, the siding, roofing materials, any windows you choose to add, a garage door and the interior wiring. If the existing carport is in good condition, you may be able to incorporate its support structure into the design of the garage, but not necessarily.

Framing and Exterior

Calculate the amount of lumber you will need. You need plywood sheathing for the roof and sides of the garage. To complete the exterior, moisture barriers are needed for the sides, followed by the siding. On the roof, roofing felt, flashing and shingles are necessary, as well as gutters and downspouts.


On the inside, drywall is required to at least partially finish the space. If you want to insulate it, consider that cost as well. Adding a window or two is a nice touch, and you’ll need some kind of door, whether electric or not, to get in and out of the garage. Lastly, you will need to wire the garage for power and lights by running a breaker from the home’s main panel to the garage, and then splitting off from there.

By making an initial cost estimate of converting a carport into a garage, you will have a better idea of the price of the job before you begin.