Estimating the Cost of Installing Corrugated Roofing

The unique design of corrugated roofing is not only attractive it is very functional. The rolling wave design stands up to wind and hail like no other roofing material. While a corrugated roof design comes in many types of materials, metal is the most common. A corrugated metal roof directs rain, snow and any debris downward and away from the home. The truth is, a corrugated metal roof makes no more noise in a rain storm than an asphalt or clay roof. A corrugated metal roof is light weight, yet because of the design it holds up to heavy snow fall, damage free. All these advantages and it is also one of the most cost effective roofing materials available. The cost of a corrugated roof can be estimated with relative accuracy using some simple calculations. The costs will vary depending on the material used or the contractor you hire if you choose not to install it yourself. Examples here are for metal corrugated roofing; however, the basic principle for calculations will be the same for any material.

Calculate Number of Corrugated Sheets

You will need to determine the number of corrugated sheets you will require for the roofing project. First measure the perimeter of the lower edge of the roof in inches. The average width of corrugated sheet metal is 44 inches. Divide the measurement of the roof edge by 44; this is how many sheets you need for the width of the project. 

  • Example: 440 inches measured across the edge: 440 inches divided by 44 = 10 sheets

You need to calculate the rows needed to cover the roof from the peak to the lower edge. Measure in feet, the distance from the very top of the roof to its lower edge; make sure to include any roofing required for any dormers. Corrugated roofing comes in 6 foot lengths, divide the figure by 6.

  • Example: 36 feet measured from the peak to the lower edge: 36 feet divided by 6 = 6 sheet

Now multiply the edge calculations and the peak to edge calculations to get the total number of sheets you will need.

  • Example: 10 sheets X 6 sheets = 60 sheets

This is the total number of corrugated sheets you will need to complete your roofing project.

Calculate the Number of Ridge Caps

You will need to measure the length of the ridges on top of the roof in feet. Convert the edge measurements to feet, add the two measurements together and divide by 6 feet. The ridge caps come in 6 foot lengths. This will determine how many ridge caps you will require.

Additional Costs

A corrugated roof is indeed economical, however, you need to include such things as a felt or tar paper underlining. Don’t forget to include the cost of nails. Use galvanized nail, or ring shank nails. You will need at least 40 nails per sheet. It is always wise to add a 10% cushion on to any numbers you calculate. Mistakes happen, so be prepared with a little extra material.