Estimating the Cost to Add a Wall in Your Basement

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The costs to add a wall in your basement to subdivide the available space are not enormous, but you should estimate the price you will pay for the materials and any tools you need. With a little knowledge, you can do the job yourself. You do not need a professional. Provided you are not adding a load-bearing wall, the process is a matter of building the wall frame, erecting it, adding any wiring, and finishing it up.


To come up with a good estimate of the costs involved, first decide how big the wall will be. The wall frame consists of 2x4-inch lumber. If it is just a wall, it will have a top and bottom plate and studs every 16-inches. Adding a door will require more lumber, but the overall cost increase is negligible.

Wiring, Fixtures and Drywall

After the frame, factor the cost of additional Romex wiring, outlet boxes, switches, the requisite boxes, and any other necessary fixtures. If there will be a heat source on the wall, consider the cost of extra ductwork. Lastly, add the cost of drywall, drywall mud, tape, primer, texture, and paint.

If there are any tools you’ll need to buy for any part of the work, factor those costs as well. With the cost of the additional materials estimated, you can make the purchases and get to work.