Estimating Your Total Cedar Siding Installation Cost

What You'll Need
Tape measure

Cedar siding installation is a popular project for many people because it looks stylish and fashionable type of siding. Cedar siding is also relatively easy to install, the only thing that you will need to do is secure wooden battens on your wall and then fix the siding to the battens. This is a very easy project and shouldn't take you long to complete.

Estimating the cost of the cedar siding is a useful exercise because it can make it possible to work out how much this siding is likely to cost. This will help you to decide whether or not you are able to afford to complete the project and whether or not it's actually worth starting.

Step 1 - Measuring the Building

First you need to measure the dimensions of the building, at this stage this doesn't need to be extremely accurate, however it does need to be quite close to the real figure. Measure all the way around your building, including the width and height. Once you have these measurements write them down on a piece of paper.

Step 2 - Calculating the Area

Next you need to take your measurements and work out the area of the walls that you need to cover. To do this multiply the width of each wall by the height and add all the measurements together. This will give you an approximate figure for the number of square meters or feet (depending on what you measured in) that need to be covered by the siding. You can either use a calculator, paper or a computer to work out the area of the walls which need to be covered. When you have calculated the area write this down on the same piece of paper.

Step 4 - Number of Planks

Now you should be able to easily work out the area that a single plank will cover and this will make it possible to calculate the number of planks needed to cover your whole house. Once you have worked out the number of planks you should be able to estimate the number of complete packs that you will need to purchase. Write down the number of planks which you will need to purchase in order to complete the project.

Step 5 - Working Out the Price

When you know how many planks that you need it's then simply a matter of multiplying the number of packs by the price that you will have to pay. The price can be found out by searching on the Internet or reading through various catalogs. When you know how much the project is likely to cost you are then ready to either order your planks or decide never to begin.

Step 6 - Ordering

Placing an order should be very simple, this will simply be a matter of phoning or visiting the retailer in question and then placing your order. You might have to order ceder siding and pick it up another day.