Excellent Pet Safe Fertilizer

Using a pet safe fertilizer is important if you have pets. It is a known fact that the vast majority of fertilizers contain harmful chemicals which can negatively affect your pet. Here we shall be highlighting some types of pet safe fertilizers which can make your lawn or garden thrive without putting your pets in any kind of danger.

The Danger That Chemical Fertilizers Pose to Pets

Chemical fertilizers, artificial pesticides and insecticides contain ingredients which are artificial and, in most cases, toxic. They are not only far from being environmentally friendly but also end up posing a great risk to the health and safety of your pets. Most chemical fertilizers contain what are known as inert ingredients, toxins and dangerous pollutants. Some are so dangerous that even if your pet is nearby while the fertilizer is being applied, a few sniffs can pose a risk to its health, let alone if by any chance the dog or cat licks a leaf or eats something which is in the area where the fertilizer has been applied. The problems are usually mainly related to the digestive system of pets, but this could also lead to long term gastrointestinal problems and even pose a life threat in some cases.

Organic Fertilizers

Apart from the usual chemical-based commercial fertilizers, you can also opt to use organic fertilizers. These fertilizers are made up from natural components deriving from plants and animals. Manure, organic compost and similar elements are biodegradable, and they are known to be an effective kind of fertilizer, which does not harm pets in any way since there are no chemicals or artificial additives involved.

Homemade Fertilizers

There are various ways which can be used to make up your own homemade fertilizer. Simply use waste from your leftover food, especially from fruit and vegetables. Some dried wood, leaves and straw are also easily found. Then, all you need to do is to mix them all together, and with time, they will naturally go through a process of decomposition and automatically cause rich organic residuals to be formed. This can then be applied to the soil, and it is known to be quite effective as a fertilizer. At the same time you will not be posing any danger to your pets since again, there are no chemicals involved, as all the components were natural and organic products.

If you have problems relating to weeds in your lawn or garden, you can do away with using artificial weed killers.  You can easily prepare a simple homemade weed killer yourself by using basic ingredients, such as vinegar and citrus oil diluted in some boiling water. Simply pour the resulting mixture into a spray bottle and spray onto the weed developing areas. You would be reducing the impact of weeds while keeping the area safe from chemicals and toxins.

Amalgamating food and garden waste is not only cheaper but also easy and environmentally friendly. Besides, your pets will not be exposed to hazards which could harm them in various ways and could even end up being life-threatening.