Exciting Color Schemes for Bathroom Interior Design

color schemes

Colors play a very important role in bathroom design. They can make your bathroom look taller, shorter, wider, or narrower. They set the mood and ambiance of the space, too. Depending on how you play with colors for your bathroom design, you can have a bathroom that evokes a relaxing or an exciting atmosphere. Choose lively color schemes if you want an interesting bathroom that flows with life. Many exciting color schemes are available for bathroom interior design. Here are some color schemes that are perfect for a bathroom.

Ocean Blue, Purple, Rose Red, and Moss Green

This color scheme can be used to evoke a sense of serenity. The combination of blue, purple, rose red, and moss green may be used to represent water, or the sea to be more specific. With a play of these colors in your bathroom interior, you may be able to present a setting that projects the serene environment of water.

Dark Brown, Milk Chocolate Brown, Yellow Green, and Royal Blue

This scheme creates a cool bathroom ambiance. Yellow, green, and royal blue make this color scheme exciting for the bathroom interior design. The browns are for balancing the opposite colors.

Pink Rose, Pastel Pink, Blue Green, and Light Green

Bathroom interior designs are usually painted with cool colors such as blue and green. This color scheme creates a contrast to the usual, making it naturally exciting for the bathroom. Green and blue are still present, but pink is dominant. The pink adds warmth to the naturally cool bathroom ambiance.

Leaf Green, Steel Blue, Magenta, and Pink Rose

This color combination creates a fusion of warmth and coolness. You can make green the dominant color and work around blue, magenta, and pink as the accent colors. If these color combinations do not satisfy your need for a personal bathroom interior design that matches your own style and preference, you can play with other exciting color combinations and try to make your own exciting color schemes instead. After all, your taste, lifestyle, and goal are important considerations when designing the interior of your bathroom.

Choose Complementary Colors

Red and green, purple and yellow, and blue and orange are complementary colors. When combined, they create the highest contrast level of colors, which results in high energy.

Select Triadic Colors

Color schemes in triads are composed of 3 colors that create both harmony and contrast. Red-yellow-blue, green-purple-brown, and blue-red-yellow are few examples of triadic colors. These color schemes also create contrast and an exciting ambiance for the bathroom. Unlike the complimentary colors, the triads use 1 color for balancing the intense contrast.

Consider Warm Colors

As a rule, bathrooms should have a cool color scheme. Shades of blue and green such as sky blue, green-blue, and blue-violet are cool colors. It’s time to break this rule and use warm colors for the bathroom interior design. Red, orange, and yellow create warmth in the bathroom. A color scheme with these warm colors is new and interesting to the eye. The warm aura also balances the cool ambiance of the bathroom.

Use Vibrant Colors

Most bathroom designs are limited only to using neutral colors, such as black, white, gray, and brown. Using vibrant colors such as orange, fuchsia, yellow-green, sky blue, and purple creates an exciting appeal for the bathroom interior design.

Follow the 60-30-10 Rule

The 60-30-10 rule is a color principle used by interior designers when creating the perfect color scheme. This means that 60% of the bathroom (wall, floor, and ceiling) should use one color, 30% (furniture pieces and bathroom accessories) should use another color, and 10% (decorative elements) will be in another color.

Consult a Color Scheme Creator

Free applications and online-based color scheme creators are widely available to help you choose your own exciting color scheme. Choose your primary color and set the saturation and brightness. Most applications show different color schemes based on your preferences.

Even in bathroom design, it is true that too much of a good thing can be bad. Balance is key to creating perfect bathroom interior designs. Exciting color schemes will only be effective for a bathroom if the colors used are strategically balanced.