Expanding Toy Storage Boxes

Expanding toy storage boxes can help manage your child’s growing collection of toys. Here are some options for you to consider.

Wall Bench Unit

Consider building or purchasing a long wall bench toy storage box. You can build a wooden framed wall unit that has several compartments to accommodate a growing collection. Each separate compartment can have a bench-styled lid that lifts, revealing the storage space below. These lids can be equipped with hinge operations that require a good deal of exertion–more than a child can produce–to fully close. This safety feature will prevent a child from becoming trapped inside the wall bench toy storage box. As more toys are accumulated, other wall bench toy box compartments will become available for use. You can also organize toys in an expanding toy box like this by size or kind. Place identifying labels on the underside of the lid to locate which toys go in which section.

Wall Storage Bins

A wall toy storage unit is also a great example of an expanding toy box, or storage unit. Shelves can line the wall that accept individual bins that sit side by side with open faces, slightly tilted to allow the force of gravity to keep its occupants inside safely. A wall toy storage unit is a great method to segregate many smaller toys, providing a separate bin for different groups like small cars, action figures, dolls and other toys that you want to store together that are similar in nature.

Themes That Expand

You can find some clever expanding toy storage boxes that are designed to replicate certain real life items, such as a train for example. A locomotive can pull one car that is the first toy storage unit. Additional cars are added to accommodate more toys as time goes by. You can add a car whenever your child’s toy collection outgrows the present train length. Other expanding ideas also include skyscraper styled toy boxes, where each floor is a pull-out drawer that accommodates a growing collection of small toys. Consider the replica 18-wheeler that at first pulls one trailer, but another can be added when “extra cargo” needs to be “hauled.”

Collapsible Bags

Use of toxin-free collapsible nylon bags as substitute toy storage boxes can also help when an expanding storage need arises. These bags come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and themes. Choose an animal theme, purchasing one nylon bag early in baby’s life. Add to the theme when needed by purchasing a different animal character to go along with the first. You can repeat this process, until soon your child’s toys will be resting inside a group of barnyard or jungle animals that also add to the fun-filled atmosphere of their bedroom or playroom.

Consider plain stackable plastic containers to safely store toys that are no longer used.