Express Yourself with Wallcoverings

Are you looking for a unique way to express yourself? Give wallcoverings a try. The Wallcoverings Association is getting the word out about the power of the decorative product it represents with a special advertising and promotional campaign. The theme: "Express Yourself With Wallcoverings." With tens of thousands of patterns on the marketplace, there is perhaps no other product that allows such a range of self-expression.

Wallcoverings can be dramatic, whimsical, comforting, stimulating, formal, or casual. They can help homeowners show their personality. Is there a sports enthusiast in the family? Then try a hunting, golfing or football motif. Are you crazy about gardening? You may want to try a seed-packet border or a wallcovering featuring your favorite florals. Are your kids crazy for dinosaurs, bears or elephants? Whatever they like, you'll be able to show it in wallcoverings.

Wallcoverings are indicative of the times. Many people are concerned about the environment, so as a result, natural motifs are well-represented in the wallcoverings of today. You can choose beautiful renditions of stone, granite, marble, leather or suede as a subtle wallcovering background.

Texture is one of the most important trends in the wallcovering market today, many designers agree. New sophisticated printing techniques have brought about beautiful embossed and light-reflective effects that can make your walls truly sensational.

Wallcoverings also allow you to be transported to another culture - whether it be the American Southwest, Mexico, South America, Europe, Asia or Africa. Country is still a big theme in decorating, but wallcovering has taken it into a variety of global directions. From the casual, unspoiled looks of the American West to the formal, floral elegance of English Country to the light, airy feeling of French Country, wallcoverings encompasses the entire spectrum.

So, whether you want something traditional, transitional, contemporary or just plain "off the wall," try putting wallcoverings on the wall. As the Wallcoverings Association proclaims, it's one of the best ways to "express yourself." See you local independent wallcovering retailer to get started.

Courtesy of the Paint and Decorating Retailers Association -