Fabrics for Antifungal Bathroom Mats

To keep your bathtub or shower free of fungus, try a fabric which is anti-fungal as well as Eco-friendly. Here are some fabric choices to consider whether you are going to purchase a new bathroom mat, or make your own.

1.  Cork Fabric

Cork is a natural product. You may think of this as being hard, but when it is woven as a fabric it will not absorb water, and is actually very soft when you step on it. Also, because it does not retain, you will not have to worry about mildew. It is anti-microbial as well as anti-fungal.

2. Hemp Fabric

Hemp is also 100 percent natural and is anti-fungal. It is woven into fabric and is very durable as well as attractive. You have many choices in color and weave designs with hemp bath mats.

3. Bamboo and Cotton

Bamboo and cotton are woven together to create a soft, durable mat for your bathroom. They are available in many designs. Due to the content of bamboo, they are completely anti-fungal.

4. Recycled Plastic

Many uses are being found in order to recycle plastic. The bathroom is no exception. Recycled bath mats will not retain water, therefore inhibit mold growth and fungus. They are also machine washable, due to their durability.