Facts about Birch Veneer

Birch veneer, like any other veneer product, is meant to not only protect a surface but to present a nice finish. A veneer is a thin sheet of material that covers a thicker backing like plywood or particle board. These veneers can be found in various materials like wood or plastic. Birch veneer is one such product and the following information will help you decide if it is an appropriate material for your needs.

Natural Wood

Unlike many other veneers which are laminate or some sort of plastic; a birch veneer is actually a thin sheet of real wood that has been treated.


Birch is a hard and sturdy wood which means that birch veneer will take on these same qualities. Other veneers are prone to cracking and splitting.

Grain Variations

You can purchase birch veneer that either shows off the grain of the wood or down plays it. This is, of course, a matter of personal taste.

Color Options

Natural birch generally is somewhat yellow but the manufacturing of birch veneer means that other color variations are available for selection. The coloring variations can be seen as pale, golden, white, pale white, brown or ashy. These color variations are determined by the kind of birch trees that were used in the manufacturing of the veneer.