Facts about Hardwood Plywood

Hardwood plywood is a type of plywood that is made by binding 3 or more veneers together with an adhesive. Veneers are thin layers of wood and to bind them together, a very strong adhesive has to be used. The result is a type of wood that has increased strength due to the multiple layers. The layers are bound together at right angles to each other. There are several types of wood that are used to make hardwood plywood including maple, walnut and mahogany. The plywood is not only strong, but is durable and resistant to moisture. This prevents the plywood from cracking and splitting that causes splinters. Due to the variety of thicknesses that hardwood plywood is available in, it can be used for a variety of purposes. Some of its uses are described below. 

Musical Instruments 

Hardwood plywood can be used to make a variety of musical instruments. The most common instruments that are made from the plywood are violins, pianos and acoustic guitars. Its use in electric guitars to make necks and fretboards has also been common for decades. Type of wood being used to make necks and fretboards include maple and mahogany, depending on the playability that is required by the musician. 

Sporting Equipment 

Hardwood plywood is currently being used to make a variety of sporting equipment too. Sporting goods like tennis rackets and archery bows are the most common goods being made by using the plywood. More popular sporting equipment that requires durability and is popular among the youth includes water and snow skis and skateboards. A lot of bowling lane channels are also being made from hardwood plywood around the world. 


As hardwood plywood is available in various thicknesses and grades, it can be used for furniture building. Furniture is probably the most common application of hardwood plywood today. Hardwood plywood is graded on both the face and back unlike other plywood being used to make furniture. Its durability again makes it possible to be used for making cabinets, bookshelves, chairs, tables, etc. Outdoor furniture is also being made using the plywood as it is able to withstand harsh environmental conditions without splitting.  


One type of hardwood plywood has a thickness of around 1 inch. It is categorized as lumber core and can be used for decorative applications in architecture. The finished wood surface of lumber core hardwood plywood is really attractive and smooth and costs less than solid lumber. As hardwood plywood is resistant to contraction and splitting, it is being used to make decorative wall panels, doors, etc. 


A lot of boxes and packages are being made from hardwood plywood to hold workshop tools like power tools, saws and portable tools. As the plywood is light but strong, it serves the purpose well. 

Toys and Playground Equipment 

An interesting application of hardwood plywood is to make toys and playground equipment. Toys like dollhouses are made using hardwood plywood commonly. Playground equipment like swings and tree houses are also usually made using hardwood plywood, again due to its durability and strength.