Facts about Victorian Furniture

Victorian furniture is one of the most prized possessions of many people in America. This great furniture style is usually handed down within large families or purchased on the auction block. The many distinctive features and impressive quality is what sets Victorian furniture apart from regular furniture. Here is some quick facts about this great style. 

Victorian Timeframe

During the years of 1837 and 1901, Victorian furniture was being produced in England. It was at this time that Queen Victoria was ruler and the rising middle class began to usurp its influence over how furniture was made.

Victorian Furniture Quality

The Victorian style is quite easily seen when you know what the characteristics are. Great woods like oak, mahogany and rosewood were the cornerstone of the foundation for these great pieces. Besides that wood, the heavy-ornate upholstery also made the Victorian style extremely popular with the working class. It had a regal sense that many people loved to have in their possession. 

Changes in Style

It was during the 1860's that manufacturer's of Victorian furniture tried to incorporate different styles from other countries. However, it came back to the original stylings in the late 1890's. This retro style of Victorian furniture was much sought after by working class citizens and nationalists.