Fall Accents for the Home

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As the hot, humid summer fades into the cooler more pleasant days of fall you may be wondering how you can add some fall accents to your home. Fortunately, there are all kinds of ways you can bring a warm, fall feeling into your home and they don't require a lot of money or work. Here's some ideas.

It starts with fall colors

Fall is full of bright colors like red, gold, yellow, burgundy and orange, so the simplest way to add a fall feel is by introducing fall colors. Consider some of the small ways you can add fall colors without making major changes. For example, you could simply change your throw pillows for pillows in a bright fall color, add colorful, decorative candles, books or picture frames to add little touches of fall to your home.

Painting a room in a bright fall color will enhance the room, but you don't need to do an entire room, you could simply do an accent wall in a yellow, gold or orange color. If painting is more work than you want to take on, consider changing your window treatments. Get rid of your light airy summer curtains and replace them with heavier fabrics in a fall color. Not only will you give your home a more fall like appearance, you'll enjoy the practical benefit of saving on your heating costs.

Fall is harvest time

You can easily add visual appeal simply using a center piece of fall flowers to bring in some natural beauty while adding a pleasant aroma of the season. Or, consider showcasing the beauty of the fall harvest with a center piece of colorful gourds and Indian corn and fruits like apples and grapes. Enhance the appearance by including colorful non-traditional fruits such as mangoes pomegranate or even tomatoes. The only limitation is your imagination.

Nothing says fall more than pumpkins and colorful leaves. At this time of year pumpkins are inexpensive and available at grocery stores, farmer's markets and often at road side stands. Take a walk on a sunny fall day, enjoy the weather and gather some fallen leaves to spread around the base of a bright orange pumpkin.

Fall has it's scents as well

Consider adding some candles with the scents of fall such as the cinnamon scent of a fresh baked apple pie or some sweet vanilla.

How about Halloween?

For many kids its a toss up as to which day is better, Halloween or Christmas. You can add some fall accents even the kids will enjoy by putting up some inexpensive Halloween decorations like witches, goblins. You can even get the kids involved and have them draw or cut out their own decorations to be displayed around your home.

It's easy to add fall accents to your home and it can be a source of fun for the whole family. Use your imagination and you'll figure out lots of things that will give you a chance to enjoy fall both inside and outside your home.