Festive Fall table Decor You Can Do Yourself

For years, I’ve collected and recycled vintage finds. No matter what, if I found a great find, I scooped it up at a bargain price. My entire (well almost entire) home is furnished with found items including furniture, glassware, fabric or whatever! And believe me, most of the items I’ve collected I use when ever I can -- especially when I entertain my guests for a festive Fall affair.


The amber glassware used in this table setting is probably from the 1970’s, it’s heavy glass but has a lot of character and though it’s not something I would use as everyday ware, it certainly works for an autumn table setting. The bakelite silverware is a hodge podge of finds I collected simply because of the wonderful colors including brown and yellow. This mixed in with the amber glass ware it really sets the tone for a lovely table setting.


I’m a true believer in always having standard white dinnerware. It goes with every color and can add a simple yet eclectic look to any place setting. Then for added texture, I added store bought felt leaves in fall colors. To create the effect of an original placemat, gently tuck in various colored leaves (available at most craft stores) under each plate. You’ll be sure to wow your guests!