Family Table

The family table is the table in the household around which meals are most often taken. The family table is often different than the dining room table. The dining room table is used for special events – holidays, having company for dinner, and so on. But, the family table is a table where the family usually eats.

Use of the Family Table

Since the family table is used for the practical side of eating, it usually isn’t as fancy as the dining room table. In the 50’s and 60’s, the metal leg and Formica-top family table was a standard throughout the country. These days the family table can come in countless available styles and styles – wood, metal, glass topped, polished stone, plastic family tables. 

Since early times, family tables have been where much of the unity of family life has been cemented, and since modern life is so fast, families often eat on the run, watching television, or in other rooms separately. Many people, including religious groups and psychologists, believe that more time spent around the family table strengthens and improves the quality of family life.