Safety Planning for Your Family Bathroom

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When planning a bathroom remodel, do-it-yourself homeowners often have grandiose ideas of color and design. They often neglect to include a safety plan; however, wisdom dictates that any bathroom renovation must include safety protocol. Here are a few safety tips to incorporate in your bathroom plans.

Saying No to Glass Fixtures

With the exception of glass tiles, exclude glass containers from your bathroom plans. Remember that bare feet and broken glass don't mix. Install a paper cup dispenser instead. Soap dispensers and standing toothbrush holders are also a bad idea for the family bathroom.

Glass Tub and Shower Enclosures

Everyone loves that a sparkling glass shower door; however, make certain that the enclosures are made from impact-resistant safety glass. Select shower doors that open outward to assure accessibility if someone should fall and need assistance.

Preventing a Lockout

Select door locks that can be opened from the outside. Children find bathroom locks to be very interesting toys, and disabled adults can find themselves unable to reach the door-lock should they need assistance.

Preventing Slips

Wet bathroom floors can be treacherous. Many manufacturers offer slip-resistant flooring products. If you are using ceramic tile for your bathroom floors, choose a matte finish.

You should also consider small tiles that require more grout, which does not become slippery. One of the many delights of small tiles is that they come in 12x12-inch cards. If you choose several boxes in different colors, you can create your own design.

Keeping Your Grip

Grab-bars make safety-sense in any bathroom. The National Kitchen and Bath Association recommends installing grab-bars in the shower, tub, and beside the toilet. Always anchor them to a framing stud.

Avoid Scalding

Nothing is more dangerous in a bathroom than sudden scaldings. Always check the water temperature before stepping into a shower or tub. Small children and seniors are especially sensitive to temperature changes. Install an anti-scald valve to prevent scalding accidents

Prevent Short-Circuit Shocks

Appliances such as hair dryers can be hazardous if they come in contact with water. Always install electric outlets with ground-fault circuit-interrupters (GFCI). These wonderful safety features keep your family safe from electrocution. They immediately stop the flow of electricity when the appliance comes in contact with water.

Bathroom safety is often overlooked in home-improvement planning, yet it is the single most important feature in any home. By planning ahead, you can prevent terrible accidents from happening to the people you love. Your insurance carrier will thank you, and so will your family.