Fascia Board Painting Tips

Fascia boards are the continuous end cap for the home's rafters, and they mark the outer edge of the eave. Painting the fascia boards on your home not only adds visual appeal, it also adds life to the roof of your home by preventing rot and water damage. Painting boards that are already damaged, however, will not cure an existing problem.

Inspect the Fascia Boards

Inspect the fascia for rot or pest damage as well as split, loose or missing boards. Any damage should be repaired or replaced, or painting the fascia boards is not going to accomplish much.

Paint Before Installing

If you are installing all new fascia boards, the easiest way to paint them is to do it on the sawhorses. Go ahead and make all necessary cuts, and then lay the fascia out so that it can be easily accessed for painting. Always use at least one coat of primer, and many experts will advise a minimum of two coats.

Painting in Place

When painting fascia boards by hand, be sure to use a suitably sized brush. Trying to paint a wide board with a very narrow brush is wasting your time and achieving less than perfect results. as you paint, use long, full strokes, and always follow the grain of the wood for the best coverage.