The fascia is the final add-on that needs to be made when finishing installing a roof. If you have a choice between vinyl and wood you should go with the vinyl as the wood is more prone to rot if it comes in contact with moisture. Also, if you decide to use wood for the fascia you have to have several hot and dry days to help dry out the wood before you can install it.

Installing the Fascia

• Prior to installing the fascia you should make sure that you have the exact sizes of boards and the placement planned out ahead of time. This includes painting it because it will save you extra time when you actually install it.
• You will want to start by installing the fascia in one corner and working in a big circle.
• As you work your way around make sure that you nail the fascia to the rafter ends because the fascia will seal the house from the elements.
• Before calling it a done job, you should caulk the corners and anywhere else that may be questionable for potential leakage.