Fastening a Gun Safe to a Concrete Floor

What You'll Need
Concrete Nail Gun
Concrete Nail Gun Nails
Concrete Nail Gun Charges
Safety Glasses or Goggles
Ear plugs
Gun Safe

If you have a gun safe in your home for the purpose of concealing your legally registered firearms and collectibles, you want to make sure that the safe is fastened to the ground. This will prevent thieves and others with unauthorized access to the safe from making off with it in order to attempt access away from your home. If you keep the safe in a garage or basement that has a concrete floor, the best way to fasten it is to use a concrete nailer.

It should be noted that this project has some dangerous elements associated with it. That is because the concrete nailer uses an explosive charge to drive the fastener into the concrete. You should observe all safety precautions when working with this type of tool and never engage in horseplay or other reckless behavior.

Step 1: Purchase Materials for the Gun Safe

You will need to go to a home improvement center and possibly a tool rental facility in your community to rent a concrete gun for fastening your gun safe to the floor. Concrete guns, as mentioned above, use an explosive charge to drive nails into the concrete, ironically in the same manner that your firearms in the safe work. You should never, under any circumstances, point this tool at another person or use it in a manner other than what it is intended for.

When acquiring the concrete gun you will also need to purchase the nails and charges that are specially designed for the tool. You will need a minimum of four nails and charges for each of the legs of the gun safe.

Step 2: Place the Gun Safe in Place

The gun safe is extremely heavy, so it is a good idea to have someone assist you in positioning it prior to driving the fasteners into the legs of the safe. Make sure that you position the gun safe exactly where you want it because once you drive the nails into the ground, it will be virtually impossible to remove the safe.

Step 3: Load the Concrete Nail Gun

With the gun safe in place, you need to load the concrete nail gun with the nail first, and then the charge. Follow the instructions for the manufacturer of the concrete nail gun.

Step 4: Secure the Gun Safe to the Concrete Floor

Once you load the concrete nail gun, place a set of ear plugs in your ears and safety goggles or glasses over your eyes. Place the nozzle of the nail gun against the safe leg (which will have a hole in it designed specifically for this operation) and once ready, squeeze the trigger. You will hear a loud bank (like a rifle shot) and the fastener will be in place. Repeat this process for the remaining legs of the gun safe.