Faux Crown Molding with Paint

Lead Image for Faux Crown Molding with Paint

Installing crown molding can be costly and time consuming, but creating faux crown molding is easier and more cost effective. This method is fast and simple, yet gives the drama that can only come from crown molding.


With any molding installation regardless of how small, you must always begin with simple measurements. These measurements will ensure you have the right amount of materials, and that your angles are cut to the right specifications. A good rule of thumb for determining the amount of molding you will need is to measure and then add ten percent for waste or mistakes.

Paint Your Molding

It is very important to paint your thin piece of molding before installation. Waiting to paint until after the molding is installed will require you to add another step of taping before you proceed to paint. Following this step will make the job much quicker and it will give you a more professional finished look.

Install Your Molding

This is where you can use your creativity. You can choose to install your molding several inches from the ceiling or if you want a larger more dramatic effect you can install it six to twelve inches from the ceiling. Simply use your hammer and finishing nails to hang your pre-cut molding. Having a partner and level will make this move along at a quicker pace. After your molding is in place use your wood filler to patch over any of the unwanted nail holes and hammer dings. Once the filler has dried you can run over any areas of excess with a damp cloth to create a smooth finish.

Faux Finishing

Using your paint brush and your chosen paint color to fill in the gap between the ceiling and the molding, you can now begin to see your crown moldings really take shape. The idea of faux crown molding is beginning to come into play. By using just a thin piece of molding and some paint you have created a beautiful look of expensive molding without breaking the bank. While you are painting take a moment to touch up any of the areas on the molding that you previously covered with wood filler.

Optional Detailing

Once you complete the other four steps you can take a look at what you created, and decide if you would like more. A simple way to bring more drama is to add one more piece of thin molding just around the top of your faux crown molding, butted up to the ceiling. You could also add a piece of dental molding to the thin molding you have already put in place, this type of molding adds style and elegance to a simple piece of molding.

The only thing left for you to do is take a step back and enjoy your creation.