Feeding a Rose Bush with Banana Peels

A rose bush.

Banana peels, like other fruit and vegetable peels, can be added to the soil to provide a means of fertilizer for a rosebush. The peels used here can be fresh and do not have to be combined with any other ingredients to be added to the soil. Like the fruit itself, the peel contains potash and phosphorus which are essential for the healthy growth of roses.

This is a great way to recycle banana peels that can provide nourishment for your garden. In the event there is no other rosebush fertilizer readily available, banana peels can take the place of store brand garden fertilizers.

Adding the Banana Peels to the Soil

Before adding the banana peels to the rosebushes, finely chop up the peel on a cutting board. The chopped pieces can then be transferred to a small bowl. Bring the bowl outside to your garden and sprinkle the banana peel choppings at the base of the rosebush. Lightly sprinkle some nearby dirt to speed the decomposition of the banana peel.

Water the rosebush at the base thoroughly. More banana peels can be added throughout the growing season as they become available. Extra peels can also be saved for the next growing season by allowing them to dry out thoroughly then storing them in a sealed plastic bag.