Fence Post Caps: Wood and Vinyl Fence Options

Adding fence post caps is a great and inexpensive way to improve the appearance of your fence. When it comes to vinyl and wood fences, the options available are numerous and varying. The information below will summarize the general options available for each kind of fence and how they can be furnished onto your fence with ease.

Varying Options For Vinyl Fences

Because vinyl fence posts are more modern than those made of wood, there are more varying options to choose from when it comes to the caps. You can choose more complex shapes or opt for the simpler ones. Additionally, a number of designs include a solar panel which not only improves the look of the fence, but also offers lighting as well. Installation is very simple as placing the cap on top of the fence post is the only required step. However, using an adhesive to place the cap firmly on the post is advised.

Simpler Options For Wood Fences

With wooden fence caps, there is a good variety of simple and elegant options to choose from, including simple pyramids, flat top shapes, or spheres. While vinyl fences have more solar-powered cap options, there are a few that are available for wood fences. When you have chosen your caps and are ready to install, you can use either an adhesive or nails. Nails are the recommended installation method, however, as they will provide more stability for the cap.