Feng Shui Basics: Understanding Bagua

The bagua is the main tool used in feng shui to determine how energy flows through one's living space. It help you redesign your space so that your life can be brought into balance. Your surroundings have an influence on how energy, whether it is positive or negative, affects you and your way of life. The bagua tool tells you which part of your office or home corresponds to one of the 8 energy fields in feng shui. The 8 energy fields surround a central field which represents the earth and the yin-yang balance. Each field dominates over a certain part of the body, and corresponds to certain colors that can be used to increase the energy flow in the given field.

The 8 Major Areas of the Bagua Map

The eight major areas of the bagua map are:

  1. Relationships (K'un). The vital organs are represented here, with the colors red, pink, and white dominating.
  2. Children (Tui). The mouth is the part of the body that is dominated here, with the color white.
  3. Helpful People (Ch'ien). The head is the part of the body dominant, along with the colors white, gray, and black.
  4. Career (K'an). The ear is dominated here, along with the color black.
  5. Knowledge and Spirituality (Ken). The hand is the part of the body dominated by this field, with the colors black, blue, and green.
  6. Family (Chen). This field dominates over the foot, along with the color green.
  7. Wealth (Sun). The hip is dominated here, along with the colors green, purple, and red.
  8. Fame (Li). The eye is dominated in this area, along with the color red.

Applying the Bagua Map to Your Living Space

Before you can apply the bagua map tool to your living space, it is important to first locate the center of your house. This is done by drawing a blueprint of the floor plan and determining where the center an the north is located. Once the center is located and marked on the floor plan, the bagua map tool can be sketched directly over the floor plan. Houses that have uneven or unique floor plans can have the center located by sketching in the missing lines that complete the area. For example, a split level house, will have the additional corner and lines added on the paper to create a full rectangular shape. Once the areas of the bagua are copied to your floor plan, you can arrange your furniture to allow a better flow of positive energy into your home.

Placing Furniture and Decorations According to Bagua

The bagua tool will help you figure out how to place the furniture in a particular room so that energy can flow more efficiently. Feng shui symbols, along with the colors in the chart of eight energy fields, can improve your living space. Each field will have a distinct object of color or piece of furniture placed in a certain manner. More than one object can be used to increase the positive energy flow in your home. By drawing in as much positive energy as possible, your life can be significantly improved by using the bagua tool in feng shui.