Feng Shui Cure: Using Lucky Bamboo

Although a most excellent Feng Shui Cure is using Lucky Bamboo, it is not familiar to many people and as a result is often neglected. These bamboo arrangements can be found in many local floral shops, but until lately, little was known or talked about regarding this exotic and beautiful plant. This plant is mostly recognizable as having short, dark green bamboo sprouts in either a small, colorful oriental ceramic pot or growing from water filled vases.

Growing Bamboo

Having a potted lucky bamboo plant in your home will brighten any room, but as with any plant, in order to derive its benefits, will require some care. A member of the lily plant whose name is Dracaena sanderiana, this plant is actually a miniature variety that exhibits strong features common to small bamboo plantings. Plants can be short thick stalks with several graceful branches and leafs sitting upright or growing in a spiraling and unusual form. Traditionally, in Chinese culture, these plants are placed in the Eastern side of your home. This placement represents the family and will bring happiness into your family’s life. 

Cultivate and grow lucky bamboo in your garden for these benefits on a much larger scale. They normally do not need special lighting, or shade conditions. Water as necessary and add a little tender loving care. They will reward you by providing for the free flowing of your spirit, while bringing healing to your being. These tolerant plants not only grow well, but they are very attractive and can be moved from time to time in your home.                                                   

Spend time around lucky bamboo plants, watch how they sway with the wind and provide a feeling of soothing, meditative relaxation. It would be good to occasionally add fertilizer and nutrients to your plant to enhance its growth and your pleasure from it.

Five Elements of Feng Shui

Lucky Bamboo is considered very beneficial because it incorporates the five elements of Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese tradition that is approximately 6,000 years old. The plant itself comprises the element of wood and earth is from where the bamboo grows. Bamboo plants require water, but you must tie a red ribbon around your plant to represent fire. Last, but not least, lucky bamboo plants must have a Chinese coin or metal figure attached to them to add the last needed element of metal.

Bamboo Stalks

Lucky bamboo plants come in several exotic forms each with a different purpose. A plant containing only two bamboo stalks will enhance the relationship of a couple and signifies good luck for lovers. To bring happiness and long life, select a plant with three stalks. For the attainment of greater prosperity or wealth select a plant with six stalks. A bamboo tower is for those with great ambition, people who are seeking greater achievements such as starting a new career or business.

Bamboo Gift

Presenting friends and family with Lucky Bamboo gifts not only brings its benefits to them, but benefits the giver as well. Buy plants in containers or separately and them yourself.