Feng Shui Rice Blessing Ceremony

What You'll Need
A large sized bowl
One bag of uncooked rice
Red Cinnabar Spice
A bottle of 100% proof liquor

Doing a Feng Shui Rice Blessing Ceremony, will  help to manage energies that are harmful and negative for your property, the outside area of the home and its inhabitants. This ceremony is said to bring favorable energy and good luck to whomever practices it.

Step 1 - Relaxation

To calm the body and set a conducive atmosphere for the ceremony, put your hands together so that all your fingertips meet.

Step 2 - Chanting

Repeat the soothing sounds of Om Mani Padme Hum nine times, softly and quietly, but out loud. Himalayan Buddhist Monks would chant these sounds because they were thought to deliver blessings and calming benefits to the chanters.

  • Fill a large bowl with uncooked rice.
  • Add approximately ¼ of a cup of red Cinnabar powder to the rice. To the ancient Chinese, the color red symbolizes positivity and beneficial energy.
  • From a new bottle of 100% proof whiskey (preferably something you would like to use to celebrate the completion of this ceremony when done) add 9 teaspoons to the bowl of rice.
  • While you are adding the liquor, repeat the sounds, Om Mani Padme Hum nine additional times.
  • Men blend this mixture with their right middle finger, women with their left; begin stirring while repeating the sacred sounds for 108 times. This is a symbolic number, with 1 standing for one person and the 8 representing the symbol of infinity.

Step 3 - Begin the Cremony

Begin where the street meets the entrance to your property. This can be where your driveway, walkway or front door borders the street running along your home.

  • Start The Rice Blessing by throwing 3 handfuls of rice into the air, as high as possible.
  • With each tossing of a handful of rice, imagine and strongly visualize positive energy uplifting and empowering you and your life’s ambitions.
  • Keep repeating the sacred sounds as you continue The Rice Blessing by tossing 3 more handfuls from one side of your property to the opposite side.
  • Before these tossing’s create an image of negativity and bad omens flowing away from your property, like water going down a drain.

Step 4 - Bless the Boundaries

Slowly walk around the border of your property continuing The Rice Blessing Ceremony by sowing handfuls of rice and repeating the sacred words.

Step 5 - Grateful Prayer

Toss 3 handfuls to the earth, the trees and wherever you think would be beneficial. Continue to the side of the house, sheds, and bushes and when you come to an end at the front door of your home, slowly repeat the sacred Om Mani Padme Hum three times, tossing rice at the door with each repetition of the words.

Step 6 - Celebration

Toss 3 handfuls of rice high into the air, almost aiming at the sky and silently asking the heavens for their blessing on your property and home. Now share a glass of the 100% proof whiskey with your family in celebration.