Feng Shui Your Bedroom for Optimal Peace

A feng shui bedroom with yellow accents

The bedroom being your sanctuary within the home, it’s important to create a peaceful atmosphere that provides rest and relaxation as well as intimacy with the person who shares this private space with you. Feng shui is all about harmony. This ancient Chinese system is based on principles of balance and optimization that lead to peaceful coexistence between people and the environment - allowing an uninterrupted flow of life force all around us. It is not so much about the victory of goodness over evil, but about balancing the two opposing polarities, the yin and the yang, through the correct placement of the five elements represented by earth, fire, metal, wood and water that constitute the physical world.

The beauty of Feng shui is that no deep knowledge or belief in the system is necessary to reap its benefits. Anyone can practice it within their living spaces by adjusting the orientation and arrangement of everyday objects to make an environment that promotes well being. Here are some simple ways to achieve peace and harmony in the bedroom.

The Position of the Bed

The bedroom is best arranged as far away from the main door of the house considering the privacy and safety that a remote position offers. Whether that is possible or not, the correct positioning of your bed can help. The doors and windows being the natural paths of energy flow, placing the bed away from them both, as well as from the line of flow between them, will avoid disturbances in the energy field. While the bed should be as far away as possible from the bedroom door, and not in line with it, it should afford a good view of the door for your sense of safety and security. A solid headboard is desirable to prevent all good energy from being lost. The bed should ideally have open space all around it, especially if it is shared. One of the partners in a trapped position creates discontent in the relationship.

The Right Kind of Lighting

A bedroom used solely for the purpose of relaxation and intimacy between the partners is best. Muted lighting is ideal for creating the right mood. If you must read in bed, bed lamps should be preferred over bright overhead lighting.

The Ideal Color Palette

Feng shui advocates skin tones ranging from the lightest to the darkest as the color scheme most suited to bedrooms, as it promotes physical intimacy between partners. But if you have any preference for a particular color, light tones of that color may be used. Bright and loud colors are best reserved for the public places in your house.

Keeping the Room Clutter-Free

Bedroom decorations and accessories should be kept to the bare minimum as clutter destroys peace. The soothing presence of a single landscape or abstract painting on the wall opposite the bed, or one or two books to for reading in bed may be admissible. Under-the-bed storage and wall shelves crammed with objects are against Feng shui principles.

Creating Balance Through Symmetry

Symmetrical arrangement of objects is one of the easiest ways to achieve balance. The few objects that you consider indispensable should be kept in pairs. For example, two bedside tables and two bed lamps are better than one of each. They should be placed symmetrically on either side of the bed.

Objects to Avoid in the Bedroom

Mirrors - They reflect bad energy towards you, but if you must have a mirror in the bedroom, it should be placed on the wall opposite the door, taking care that it does not reflect your bed. If a wardrobe door happens to have a fixed mirror that reflects the bed, you can remedy it by covering it up with a drape while you sleep.

Water - It is an element that has no place in the bedroom. Aquariums, fountains or even paintings of rivers or waterfalls should be avoided. The door to the attached bathroom should be kept closed at all times.

Indoor Plants - They are not welcome in the bedroom, especially those with thorns.

Electrical Appliances - They are best kept outside the bedroom. Watching TV in the bed does not promote peaceful sleep.