Feng Shui Your Desk for Optimal Vitality

Applying Feng Shui to the desk makes work pleasant and improves the chances of success at the job place. If your working desk is located at home, it should stay in a separate room. It should be left in an orderly manner, so that once you finish the work for the day, no scattered notes are found around the house. The living and the working space should be well defined; otherwise, you are unable to rest in your home, constantly being reminded of work. The home office should never be shoved into the basement, where no positive energy flows can reach and stimulate the working process. Instead, this space should be at the forefront of the house, with the Yang energy bringing opportunities.

Position of the Desk and Objects to Place

When in the office, the door should be clearly visible; otherwise, your back would be exposed to the attacks of ill energy (Sha chi) flows. The subconscious feeling of being dislodged, watched or even stalked affects your performance and success. An antidote to this situation (besides moving the desk) is to bring an object such as a small mirror, picture or a crystal-like ornament. Just like at home, the desk contains different Feng Shui areas (baguas). Therefore, if you put a piggy-bank, a pot with a thriving plant or something precious, like a jewel in the far left corner, you would activate the prosperity area. This corner, however, should never be cluttered or dusty. The left area is also known as the knowledge area. Thus, placing reference books or guides immediately maximizes your concentration and energy. The center area is where all previous accomplishments should be exhibited. This draws attention to the occupant’s productivity and subliminally drives them to aspire further. To discharge the motivational power, it is a good idea to place a bright accent, such as a red ornament.

Desk Arrangement and Relationships

The area to one’s right is the love section. This is the place to put symbols of marriage, relationship or friendships. It is tricky to put flowers or pencils there – everything should be paired up. Do not place single objects, or a breakup or quarrel might follow. Placing two flowers before dates would ensure luck.

The Creativity Corner

Right next to the love area is reserved for creativity. This section is most directly linked to vitality and motivation in the workplace. Therefore, you should place mementos of your creative successes there, as well as anything you could use in the creation process. These might include even simple paperclips or a stapler.

The Center

Similar to life, where health is central to one’s well-being, the most important area is the center of your disk, related to the health of your career and yourself. It should be clean and positive. The most suitable color to enliven this section is yellow. Finally, the chair is a part of the desk area, too. In Feng Shui, this object stands for the career and should be clean and well maintained.