Fiberglass Boat Painting Tips

  • 4-20 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 50-250

On fiberglass boats, they are sold with a color gel coat instead of actual paint. These coats will fade over time and will never be the same. It is important to complete a fiberglass boat painting when this happens.

Tip 1: Prep the Surface

Remove anything from the surface of the boat, whether it be tape or hardware such as nameplates, bang irons, etc. Then clean the boat the best that you can with a cloth pad. Cleaning the boat removes the impurities that will hinder the painting of the boat. As you clean, notice if there are any areas in need of repair. If there are any dings or scrapes, fill the imperfections with the epoxy filler then sand it down so that it is smooth.

Tip 2: Apply Primer before Painting

Once it is clean, paint a thin layer of primer to the area of the boat you will be painting. The primer will allow for the paint to stay on the boat throughout weather conditions. Otherwise, the paint will begin to peel from the boat within a year of application. Once the primer has dried, simply paint the boat! Apply a couple of coats to ensure a great look. Allow it to dry, and you have successfully finished your fiberglass boat painting!