Fiberglass Doors: Maintenance Tips

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  • 1-3 hours
  • Beginner
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What You'll Need
Door car manual (from original purchase)
Mild soap
Stain or paint
Paint stripper
Door guards

Fiberglass doors offer widespread appeal due to their beauty, strength and customization with paint and hardware. Like any door, fiberglass doors need to be maintained. The elements can wear down the fiberglass, paint or fixtures. You need to be proactive with the maintenance of fiberglass doors. The article that follows will give you some tips to help you stay on top of maintaining fiberglass doors.

Staining and Finishing Fiberglass Doors

One of the simplest maintenance tasks you can take to make fiberglass doors not only look great but last longer is to refinish it. You can stain fiberglass doors just like you would stain a wooden door. When you purchase fiberglass doors you will usually get a warranty of up to five years with it. Check the warranty and, if the fiberglass door is still under it, you may not have to pay to have it refinished. If you happened to paint the door and you want to now stain it you will have to strip the paint off the fiberglass door.

Clean Fiberglass Doors Regularly

Since fiberglass doors are used as entry doors they will come in contact with many harsh elements from rain and snow to high winds and debris. Certain elements can cause the fiberglass to erode and the finish to wear off the fiberglass doors. Regularly cleaning of fiberglass doors, both of the front facade and the inside, will help keep the door in pristine condition throughout its life. You can use mild soap mixed in water to clean the door unless you are planning on refinishing it within a couple days of cleaning it. The oily residue that some soaps leave behind can hinder the staining process.

Fixture Updating and Maintaining

Front entry doors get a lot of action over the course of a year. Hinges, door knobs and other pieces of hardware and fixtures will wear out over time. Replacing these items is simple to do and is also fairly inexpensive as well. Changing out the hinges for new ones will not only keep the door swinging freely but can add more appeal to the door. If the hinges or door knob are sticking or give resistance but are still in good shape you can oil them instead of replacing them. A few squirts of oil in the hinge pins and inside the door knob will add longevity to fiberglass doors.

Door Guards

For very little money you can install metal or rubber door guards to the top, bottom and door knob side of fiberglass doors. They are easily installed with a few screws but protect the door against dings, scratches, scuffs and general wear from daily use. An added bonus to using door guards on fiberglass doors is that you can be adding insulation to your home so you can save some money on your utility bills.

Save the Care Sheet

When you purchase fiberglass doors you get a care manual. This is important because it will tell you what stains, strippers and primers to use on the door.