Fiberglass Swimming Pool Cleaning and Care Tips

When summer is on the horizon don't wait to prepare your fiberglass swimming pool. Here are some simple cleaning and care tips if you’re not sure what exactly to do or where to begin.

Don’t Drain When Cleaning

Never drain a fiberglass pool in order to clean it. They are designed to stay full of water during normal pool maintenance. The reason for this is in emptying the water you actually throw into flux the equilibrium of the pool’s structure that is kept balanced by the weight of the water. Without this hydrostatic pressure the ground pressure would overpower the empty fiberglass pool’s structure causing it to crack.

Cleaning the Top and Bottom of Your Pool

The most basic piece of pool cleaning equipment you must own is a telescopic pole. This pole comes in a variety of lengths and materials. The most commonly used pole is made from aluminum and you can attach a wide range of accessories to one end in order to clean.

Skim nets and leaf rakes are the cheapest and most popular attachments. A skim net is a flat mesh net you attach to the pole to catch debris on the surface of the pool. When debris does make it to the bottom use your leaf rake. This is a deeper mesh net capable of grabbing debris on the pool floor. Both attachments should be used daily.

Cleaning Heavy Debris off the Floor

If there’s a heavy amount of leaves or other debris on the pool floor then you should vacuum these out with either a manual or automatic device.

For manual vacuum, attach a pool vacuum head to the end of your telescopic pole and then attach a hose to the vacuum head before placing it into the water. As you vacuum it routes and traps the heavy debris into a filter bag. There’s an assortment of shapes and styles to choose from but most importantly make sure the vacuum head you purchase is for fiberglass pools. 

The automatic vacuum is the most effortless as well as expensive way to remove debris from your pool. You simply set the unit into the pool, turn it on and it collects heavy debris with very little effort on your part.

Bathtub Ring Walls

Brushing removes algae and other slime from your pool walls that can’t be picked up by the vacuum. Purchase a swimming pool tile cleaner and a pool brush attachment for your tele pole. Plastic brushes are ideal for fiberglass pools and should be used once a week. 

Test Kit

A basic test kit tests chemical levels and the water quality in your pool. Basic kits will check for four things: your water’s pH, chlorine, total alkalinity, and calcium hardness. Remember to check your water two to three times a week.

Following these tips and owning these basic items are a must for any pool owner. With a bit of regular care you’ll enjoy your pool hassle free for years to come.