Fight Dry Air: Let's See How the Honeywell Cool Moisture Humidifier Stacks Up

Honeywell Cool Moisture Humidifier

We're always hearing about how over humidification can cause myriad problems in the home. But, did you know that dry air can be just as problematic? Humidity levels play a huge role in keeping your belongings safe and keeping you comfortable.

While some parts of the country suffer from dry winter air, others are in a constant desert state. Humidifiers are a great way to stay comfortable, as they keep your eyes and throat moist in the face of the harsh dry air. They can also prevent numerous issues when it comes to your home's health.

The Honeywell Cool Moisture Humidifier (HEV320) is new on the market, and like any product, has its pros and cons.

This new Honeywell product boasts a break-resistant water tank. This is an important feature, as the tank can get quite heavy when full and could easily be dropped. Unfortunately without throwing the tank around, this was a hard claim to prove. At the very least, it seems like a strong, durable tank that won't easily shatter.

The tank also has a wide opening that could fit an average-sized hand and/or arm

The tank also has a wide opening that could fit an average-sized hand and/or arm. This makes it easy to fill and clean.

The device holds .8 gallons of water, and the company's claim of an 18 hours run time before having to refill is fairly accurate. As the manual states, the device is intuitive to its surroundings and will release moisture as needed.

The first night using the device, the tank was filled to capacity and the relative humidity was at 12-percent in the room. After running the humidifier overnight, approximately 10 hours, the tank had been substantially emptied. The room's relative humidity had also increased to 56-percent.

However, subsequent nights using the humidifier, the relative humidity was about 45-percent. The tank ran for about three nights on "HIGH" without having to be refilled, demonstrating that the device is intuitive and self-regulating.

In terms of operation, the Honeywell Cool Moisture Humidifier has simple controls. The dial simply goes from "OFF" to "HIGH" to "LOW." You can choose the setting based on how dry your environment is.

Honeywell humidifier

This device does not operate silently. While on "HIGH," it sounds similar to operating a window or tabletop fan. You can hear it, but it is not particularly disruptive. If you're running the humidifier while you're still awake—watching T.V. or listening to music—you may have to turn the volume up just a few notches.

Alternatively, the machine is virtually silent on the "LOW" setting.

The biggest con in using this product is the leak factor. The humidifier uses a wicking filter, which you need to wet before use, so you'll have to be sure to place the humidifier next to the sink so that you aren't dripping water around the house.

leaking humidifier

Unfortunately, unless your kitchen or bathroom is the place lacking humidity, you will have to move the device at some point, and that is not done easily without leaving a trail of water behind you. There is almost no way around this. Because this is a water-based device, there are holes in the bottom piece that allow air to freely pass through, preventing mold and mildew growth in the unit. Because you have to wet the wicking filter, there will always be water in the device to some degree, which will spill through the ventilation holes when the unit is moved.

Even if you place the device in the room it is meant for and fill the tank in another room, you have to be sure to hold it with the opening up, as even with the cap on, the water still will leak out when tipped over. This makes refilling a bit of a challenge. If the tank is completely empty, that does make it a bit easier, but if it has some water in it, when you took the tank from the device, it will leak, so you have to turn it upside-down quickly.

When placing the full tank back into the unit, you must do so as swiftly as possible, as it will leak and create a slight puddle around the humidifier.

With hardwood floors, laminate countertops, etc, this isn't a big deal. However, if you have a carpet, the trail of water or puddle can eventually cause mold growth if not dried out properly.

It should also be noted that because the air being released is cool, it is great for use in the Southwest regions where the air is hot and dry. The coolness of the air will ever-so-slightly cool you off while adding much needed humidity.

On the other hand, it may not be great if you're dealing with harsh winter weather, as the cool air may just make you colder.

Honeywell humidifier

The Honeywell Cool Moisture Humidifier can be found at Target, Ace Hardware, or Amazon for $34.99. All in all, it is a good humidifier for those on a budget. It will get the job done and only requires basic maintenance and filter replacements over time. If you can deal with a little water spillage, you will feel the numerous effects of proper humidity.