Find The Best Sprinkler Heads For Your Lawn

While there are many sprinkler heads on the market, some will be better suited for your lawn or garden.

Determine the Spray Area

Measure your lawn to determine how far each sprinkler needs to be able to spray. If you have a smaller lawn, then pop-up sprinkler heads are a good choice. Misting sprinklers spray water more evenly but over a smaller area.

For larger areas, rotary heads spray farther, so you'll need fewer of them than you would pop-up sprinkler heads.

If you have a small lawn, you can avoid the expensive of having an underground system installed at all by opting for a portable sprinkler head that attaches to the end of a hose.

Evaluate at Your Landscaping

If you have lots of tall grasses, flowers and landscaping, pop-up sprinkler heads are best because the water spray is better equipped to clear these features. The shapes of the areas you want to water are important, too.

Most sprinkler heads spray water in a circular pattern, but check the information on any heads you're considering. Some do half- and quarter-circles and may not offer the coverage you would get with a different type of sprinkler heads.