Finding a Bathtub Plug Replacement That Fits Your Drain

Having a bathtub without a bathtub plug even for a short time can be really annoying. When you want to have a relaxing bath and realize the bathtub plug you currently have does not fit well anymore or has been lost completely, getting a replacement is the only option you have. Getting a replacement can be complicated too, though. Read on for tips on getting the right bathtub plug for your drain.

Types of Bathtub Plugs

First, you have to understand that there are different types of plugs for drains. Even if you can’t find a plug similar to the stock one you previously had, there is a large variety to choose from. You can choose white, saucer-shaped bathtub plugs from a regular hardware store. As a home-made measure, you can even use one half of a rubber ball as a plug!

Sizes of Bathtub Plugs

Bathtub drains usually have a standard size and you can easily find a replacement bathtub plug for your drain. If you think your drain is larger in size though, you will have to take out the drain using a screwdriver. Do that very carefully though, not damaging it as a custom plug might need exact measurements to be built.