Finding a List of Newly Pulled Construction Permits

New construction requires construction permits.  Cities and other governments entities inspect and approve all construction projects to keep them in compliance with building codes and zoning laws. Applications for construction permits are kept in the government offices, along with records of when the permits were granted and exactly what work will be done.

Public Information

The permits and the plans for the projects are considered public information. They are available at the city hall or county office that has jurisdiction over each project. This information is used for census data and for forecasting economic activity involving building. It is also used by contractors and building suppliers who want to find potential customers.

How to Find It

Some companies will find newly pulled construction permits for a fee. These companies can be found on the web, and anyone looking for a lot of permits may find them useful. For finding permits in a specific area, without charge, most cities have web sites on which anyone can find building permits for that area.

Finding construction permits is a common way to find customers who are actively involved in a building project.