Finding and Killing Cockroach Eggs

A dead cockroach.

Cockroaches are one of the oldest living insect pests on this planet, and cockroach eggs are even believed to be immune to radiation poisoning. Try a few of these methods for locating and eliminating cockroach eggs in or around your home.

Common Thriving Places

A cockroach.

Roaches usually inhabit dark, damp, and cramped spaces. These places are usually found below kitchen sinks, behind cabinets, and in attics and unused rooms. Cockroaches are oviparous, which means the females carry the eggs outside of their bodies in a cocoon-shaped sac. Upon fertilization, the females shed their cocoons wherever food is available. If you want to control cockroach infestations, it is advisable to find and kill the eggs of these pests.

Finding Cockroach Eggs

A dead cockroach.

The moment you spot a cockroach making a beeline to some corner of your house, mark it and get ready to kill an entire colony of pests and their eggs. Kill all the cockroaches and their eggs in that corner. Cupboards, bookcases, the underside of stove burners, and kitchen trolleys are the favorite places of roaches when it comes to laying eggs. Mostly, cockroaches lay eggs near leftovers that are not properly disposed and also near food items that are not safely stored in air-tight containers.

How to Kill Cockroach Eggs

A cockroach on blue tile.

You can vacuum the eggs out, burn them or pour some boric acid over them to completely eliminate them. You can also use natural pesticides or try out some home-based remedies, such as a mixture of sugar and baking soda, to gain some control over the cockroach population.