Finding French Door Window Replacements

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  • 0-100 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-30,000

You can choose between a custom or standard French door window when it’s time for a replacement.

Purchasing a Standard or Custom French Door Window

A standard French door window is a door that fits common sized rough openings. When purchasing a standard French door window it includes jamb, hardware, and locksets. A custom French door window is made to the exact size and design specifications of the customer. Generally, any door larger than four feet wide or eight feet tall is considered a custom door.

Finding a Standard French Door Window Manufacturer

Manufacturers such as Andersen, Marvin and Pella offer an array of sizes and styles for standard French door windows. Glass and hardware are available in many options.

Deciding on a Custom French Door Window

When there is an unusual size opening the homeowner must use a custom French door window. Other reasons for a custom French door window is if there is a desire to have a unique design and the ability to match the home’s woodwork and trim. Wood custom French door window companies are Custom Cutting Millwork and Long’s Millwork Inc. Blomberg Window and Doors makes custom aluminum French doors.

Picking the Glass

Both standard and custom French door window manufacturers give you choices for the type of glass panel you want in the door. There is insulated, tempered, tinted or impact resistant glass.

Type of Glass Panel

You can have a single or divided light glass panel. Simulated divided light panels use snap on grilles or choose permanently attached grilles on the outside of the glass panel. Double paned glass panels can hold grilles sandwiched between the glasses.

Woods for a Standard and Custom French Door Window

With both kinds of doors there are various types of woods used such as cherry, oak, pine or mahogany.