Finding Parts for RV Awning Repair

Sometimes you come across an RV awning repair in which you will need parts to be replaced. If this is the case, you're probably wondering where you can find parts for this kind of repair job. There are different RV awning repairs and each one may be looking for a different replacement part to fix the problem. Below you will find a list of parts that may need replacement during an RV awning repair.

  • Awning torsion assemblies
  • Spring assemblies
  • RV awning fabrics
  • RV pull straps
  • Top and bottom brackets
  • Awning arms or supports
  • Lift handles
  • Awning travel knobs
  • Rafters
  • RV light hangers
  • Pull down wands
  • Roller tubes

Finding a Replacement Part

There are different brands of RV awnings. At the same time, each brand comes with various models, depending on your type of RV. Make sure that you know your awning brand and model before you begin to search. When you've noted those two things down, it's time to start looking for a manufacturer or distributor.

Check with the Original Manufacturer

The first place where you are most likely to find a replacement part is where you bought your RV awning. They will know where you can find the RV awning part that you are looking for because they carry the brand and the model that needs replacement. However, there may be situations when you bought a second hand RV that already comes with an awning. In this case, it would be best to contact the seller and ask about the RV awning's brand, model and where it was bought. Hopefully, the seller will be able to lead you to where the RV awning was purchased from. In the case that the previous owner doesn't know or is unavailable, you can still go to an RV awning manufacturer and they will be able to determine your brand and model.

Visit an RV or RV Awning Shop

RV dealers have connections with manufacturers or shops that offer parts and accessories for RVs. If you are totally clueless, look for a local RV dealer in your area and ask if they can determine the brand of your RV awning and refer a shop that sells replacement parts. This way, you are sure that you'll be buying parts from a reliable or trusted company.

Online Parts Catalog

Before you make any purchase, it would be best to browse through online parts catalog to find the RV awning that you need. You can do this if you know the brand and model of your RV awning. Looking through online catalogs will allow you to compare prices and find the best deal.