Finding Solid Wood Crown Molding On A Budget

Wood crown molding, when comprised of solid wood, is truly stunning but also rather expensive. The following is a guide for finding solid wood crown molding while on a budget. Small wooden crown molding will require plenty of careful consideration, so think about whether you want it to be elaborate or simple before you get started.

How Much Molding Is Needed?

In how many rooms do you want to install the wood crown molding? This is important in helping you find the crown molding that you want while sticking to a home decoration budget. Look for two piece crown molding options, but remember that these can be more expensive in comparison to one piece types of crown molding.

Look at multi-step crown molding as well, but keep in mind that the multiple steps involved may mean extra costs if you are not diligent in checking out prices before you choose the wooden crown molding for your home.

Budget for the most cost effective types of solid wood crown molding by figuring out what footage you need in crown molding and then shopping around accordingly. Try not to fall in love with the crown molding before you have a solid measurement to work with.