Finding the Perfect Companion Plant for a Coleus

Coleus plants are striking, versatile perennials that mostly grow in temperate climates like annuals. There are different varieties of coleus which are used mainly for landscape garden designs. These varieties are distinguished by the color of their leaves and their sizes as well. The colorful leaves of coleus plants are perfect for matching with other plants to make a more colorful and attractive garden or landscape design.

Charlie McCarthy Coleus

This coleus plant is quite popular and easily available. It has bright green leaves which are quite attractive by themselves. However, they are usually combined with other attractive plants to increase their beauty. One of the best companions for this coleus is red ornamental grass. Planting these behind the Charlie McCarthy creates a wonderful look. Another excellent companion plant for this coleus plant is the Trailing Garnet Robe coleus. Its dark purple leaves make a wonderful combination with the light green ones.

Burning Bush Coleus

This is definitely one of the most attractive coleus plants available. The leaves of this coleus plant are bright orange-red, which can make any place extremely beautiful. This plant is easy to grow and maintain because it does not get too tall or lanky. The perfect companion for this coleus is a dark green plant like Gartenmeister Bondstedt Fuchsia. The plant’s tubular red flowers and dark leaves create a perfect combination for the Burning Bush coleus. It can also be combined with another light colored coleus like Max Levering. The light green leaves of the Max Levering coleus make it a wonderful companion for the Burning Bush coleus.

Coleus Florida Sun Rose

This is another attractive type of coleus plant that is used for landscape designs. This coleus plant has extremely beautiful leaves which are a blend of burgundy and rose pink with green specks. Plants that require the same growing conditions like Plectranthus argentus and Billy Green Fuchsia can be ideal companion plants for this coleus. The combination is not only perfect for growing conditions but also makes an attractive sight.

Big Chief Coleus

The Big Chief is another popular type of coleus plant. The light green shade, with a brownish center, makes them look beautiful. These can be planted in pots and partnered with many other plants. Planting salvias with this coleus is a great idea as this plant grows in the same way but gets much higher. There are different colors of salvia plants, but the deep purple ones create an ideal background for the Big Chief Coleus. Other plants like white impatiens or red impatiens are also ideal for this kind of coleus.

The whole idea when finding a perfect companion for coleus plants is to ensure that the colors are different, striking and can be distinguished easily. For instance, an orange planting with almost any coleus is a great combination as the colors are sure to stand out effectively and can be used just about anywhere.