Finding Your Man Cave Style

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The use of the man cave term has only been documented since the early 1990s, but the use of man caves has been seen throughout history. Mark Twain even had a man cave and is quoted as saying, "There ought to be a room in this house to swear in."

What a Man Cave Used to Be

A man cave used to refer to a man’s workshop -- a place where he built things and hung out with his buddies.

Now, a man cave can be anything you want it to be -- a corner in the garage with a space theme, a room in the basement for a theater or even an area of the yard transformed into a place of luxury.

A man cave can focus on cars, pool tables, golf, football or music. It can even be a workout room or an art studio. Whatever you need in your life, be it a place of solitude or a place to hang out with your favorite friends, let your man cave be the area to achieve it.

New Trends

person lounging and opening a soda

One of the most unique caves I have seen is focused on outer space. The creator used movie props for some of the decorating. In the corner of the room he had built a robot out of items he found at flea markets and hardware stores. The legs and arms of the robot were flexible dryer vents painted black. The ceiling and walls were silver and the lounge chairs were black leather. It looked like something out of Star Trek.

Another trend out there is to build a theater room. The room can be long and narrow, like in a real theater. Use sconce lights along the walls and build shelving to house all the Blu-Rays. Build a stage, hang curtains on either side of the mounted TV. Add leather lounge chairs that have cup holders and voila...a theater room.

Another great idea is an outdoor man cave. This only works if you live in an area with consistent mild weather and little chance of rain. But if you do, transform a deck or patio into a place of envy. Put in a few cabinets for storage. Add a pergola for shade and a countertop (preferably granite or concrete so it's durable). Don’t forget to leave room for a grill, a smoker and a sink. Find a nice patio set and you’re done. Go enjoy some steaks!

A friend of mine made his passion into a man cave. He calls it "Brent’s Speed Shop." He works on his antique cars in his cave / garage. The floors are tiled. The walls are finished. His tools are all neat, clean and hanging on the wall. I sometimes wonder if he ever works on his cars or if he just likes to look at them.

Get Personal

 a man cave with mirror, furniture, and select accessories

There are even sites that sell man cave add-ons like mini-kegoraters, personalized door mats, and personalized marquee signs that point the way to your cave (

Whichever way you look at it -- as a workshop, a luxury escape or something in between -- a man cave can be anything you want it to be as long as it’s your own space that radiates your passion.