Finish Screws

Finish screws are specially made screws that sit flush or below the surface of the material it is being screwed in to. Finish screws have a small, flat head on top of the threads. They are very easy to install and can make your project look more professional when it is finished.

  • If you are trying to put finish screws into a thick or dense material you will need to drill a hole first. Make sure that this hole is slightly shorter and smaller than the actual screw.
  • If the material is dense, you may also want to consider making a small countersink hole for the head of the finish screws. Soft materials will allow the head of the screw to sink right below the surface without this hole.
  • Use a manual or powered screw driver to put in the finish screws so they are flush, or below the surface.

Hiding Finish Screws

If you are determined to hide finish screws from view there are many things you can do to them. Purchase or make some wood putty and fill the hole where the screw is. Let this dry and then you can sand and paint over it.